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Balanced Agronomy

With nearly two decades of on farm biological agronomy experience, Southern Soils understands the role played by soil biology and soil organisms when it comes to supporting plant vigour and crop production and suppressing disease in Australian farming systems. Using this knowledge, an in-depth analysis of physical, chemical and biological components of the soils will identify any soil constraints and limitations in your farming system.

Our specialist team can determine the amount and types of nutrients present in the soil along with the amount and types available to crops via soil health indicators and analysis. Once the soil functionality is established, we will formulate a complete balanced biological program which will unlock other nutrients and minerals designed to improve structure and condition and achieve optimum plant nutrition and growth.

APAL Analysis

Good, fertile soil drives agricultural production, and a detailed understanding is the first step towards realising its full potential. Soil analysis is fundamental to understanding your soil and with APAL soil testing you can be provided with a detailed analysis to form the basis for specific soil fertility and/or ameliorantion required to correct physical or chemical soil imbalances.

Why Soil Test?

Soil testing is important for several reasons: 

  • Assess the capacity of the soil to support plant growth
  • Establish current soil nutritional status
  • Diagnose plant nutrient deficiencies/toxicities
  • Make informed decisions for soil management and fertiliser applications to maximise yields and profits
  • Indicate the ameliorants required to correct physical or chemical soil imbalances
  • Monitor soil fertility; ensure we are not mining soil, building soil health and fertility
  • Fine tune nutritional inputs
  • Ensure fertiliser applications have no adverse environmental effects
  • Apply precision agricultural technology

Additionally, establishing a fertile soil will improve:

  • Yields
  • Quality of produce — appearance, weight, taste, shelf life
  • Food nutrient value
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Livestock performance
  • Water use efficiency
  • Fertiliser use efficiency
  • Profit

Download APAL Technical Report here