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Balanced Agronomy

With nearly two decades of on farm biological agronomy experience, Southern Soils understands the role played by soil biology and soil organisms when it comes to supporting plant vigour and crop production and suppressing disease in Australian farming systems. Using this knowledge, an in-depth analysis of physical, chemical and biological components of the soils will identify any soil constraints and limitations in your farming system.

Our specialist team can determine the amount and types of nutrients present in the soil along with the amount and types available to crops via soil health indicators and analysis. Once the soil functionality is established, we will formulate a complete balanced biological program which will unlock other nutrients and minerals designed to improve structure and condition and achieve optimum plant nutrition and growth.

Reams Soil Analysis

The Reams analysis process uses weak acetic acid extraction methods to mimic the solutions found in the soil which are made up of plant, root, fungi and bacterial exudates. It is these solutions which facilitate mineral soil extraction and plant mineral uptake, which directly relates to plant growth and production.

This premium and comprehensive form of soil testing establishes the levels of plant-available nutrients within the soil in order to provide an instant picture of the state of the soil health and enable a more accurate diagnosis of nutrient requirements. The results are then used to establish a complete biologically-enhanced nutrition program to ensure crops and pastures receive the correct ratio of macro and micro elements to guarantee increased soil health and production.

Southern Soils uses an independent lab to complete all REAMS analysis. REAMS soil analysis is used (in conjunction with SAP tests in cropping situations) to develop complete balanced biologically-enhanced fertiliser programs

Download Reams Soil Analysis Brochure here.