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Maximum Results

Southern Soils independent approach to farming soil solutions positions us at the forefront of the latest technology, enabling our company to immediately respond to any advances in research, and fill any gaps in the existing fertiliser market.

Our task-specific formulas are founded on sound biological principles designed to maximise pasture, crop yields, livestock weight gain, profitability and sustainability.

Our open gate policy ensures ongoing support, advice and monitoring so that farmers can be confident of long term improvements.

A balanced chemical, physical & biological soil is the key solution for soil fertility, productivity & sustainability...


  • Healthy Biologically Active Carbon Building Soil
  • Unlocking soil nutrients and delivering them to the plant, increased water holding capacity and soil aggregation
  • Nutrient Balanced Vibrant Crops/Pastures
  • Balanced growth and nutrient retention, reduced pests and disease pressures, higher food value for stock in grains and leaf
  • Increased Stock Weight Gains, Wool & Enhanced Crop Quality
  • Increased profit