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Custom Fertiliser

Custom fertiliser is about identifying the fertiliser your farm needs in order to optimise crop establishment and pasture growth and increase production and sustainability. While generic fertilisers will certainly make your grass grow, a product which has been tailor-made for your own farming system will enable your property to reach its full potential with reduced inputs, greater cost efficiency and improved carbon content. Southern Soils custom blends utilise sustainable NPK’s, macro and micro nutrients, secondary elements and supplementary nutritional and specialty products which are truly unique to the fertiliser industry and reflect our commitment to “Responsible Nutrient Management” for all types of agriculture. Southern Soils will supply high quality biologically enhanced nutritional products from rock phosphate to superphosphate, mineral, liquid and granular fertilisers or tailor-made formulas with or without micronutrients, and follow up with complementary foliar/fertigation packages for all crop and pasture situations.


Southern Soils will increase pasture production by improving soil fertility with the right balance of minerals and biology. The end result: a dynamic, biologically-enhanced soil nutrient system that works year-round! Soil contains more than 115 known elements. At least 16 are essential for healthy plant growth yet most fertiliser programmes tend to focus on the basics: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulphur. Southern Soils agronomists can identify any nutrient deficiencies or excesses and produce your very own balanced, biologically enhanced fertiliser programme. Increase your bottom line with nutrient-rich pastures and fodder crops which make stock thrive.

Balanced Soils and Pastures + Healthy Animals = BIG RESULTS

Grow More Grass with Southern Soils.


Southern Soils Fertiliser supplies balanced, biologically enhanced fertiliser to suit all cropping applications, providing the right nutrients at the right time to improve the soil and increase yields. Combinations of mineralised spreader blends, granular and liquid fertilisers are available to suit all farm management practices.